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Our Story

Art is eternal. An artist holds the universe within their mind and creatively interprets this mental image through their life's work. At Aura, art is our oxygen and means of expression; it is the force that binds us together and drives us to delve deeper into exploring the intricacies behind creating elegant pieces to elevate your everyday. 

We're artists, designers, creative thinkers, story-tellers and lovers of the finer things in life with a wild imagination. Our process is personal; we put heart and soul into crafting our products because we believe in creating exclusive pieces that are beyond pretty; ones that tell their own story.  An intriguing and engaging story that we're proud of, one that you can share with the ones you love.  

In a nutshell, Aura is a testament to love for art and a space for us to turn our thoughts into transcendent masterpieces.